Christmas Party

Date: Saturday 2nd December
Timings: Start 6.30pm for the presentation awards organised by the lovely Gema Snape.  Food will be served at 7.30pm and the DJ will follow  at 9pm.
Price: £28 per person
Where: Tinos Restaurant, Hill St, Preston

Full menu descriptions are below, you need to make your choices when you order your ticket in the shop.

Soup – leek & potato soup with croutons (V)
Funghi Aglio – mushrooms with butter cheese breadcrumbs & garlic topped with cheese sauce
Piatto Di Mare – Seafood platter with smoked salmon crayfish & prawns
Melone – Fanned melon with fresh fruit (V)
Pate Della Casa – chicken liver pate with toast, butter & cranberry sauce


Traditional Turkey – roast turkey with chipolata sausages & traditional trimmings
Pollo Crema – chicken with wild mushrooms, white wine & cream
Pollo Piccante – chicken with a hot, tangy sauce & jalapeno peppers
Salmon Tinos – salmon served with prawns and a tomato & cream sauce
Tortelloni Ricotta E Spinachi – pasta parcels filled with ricotta cheese & spinach cooked with cream & tomato (V)
Penne Arrabiata – pasta with tomato, salami, mushroom, onion & chilli
Pizza Capricciosa – tomato, mozzerella, ham & mushrooms
Pizza Calda – Tomato, mozzarella cheese, spicy beef, hot salami & chilli
Pizza Vegetariana – tomato, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, peppers & onion (V)


Chocolate fudge cake
Lemon crunch cream

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