141 & 282 Duathlons

New date for 141 (1pm) & 282 (2pm), Saturday 8th September.

We are pleased to announce the return of the Tri Preston duathlon race series with support from Triathlon England!

What? The 1-4-1 event is a duathlon comprising approximate distances of a 1 mile run/4 mile cycle/1 mile run.  The 2-8-2 is the same format, just double the distances 🙂

Both are perfect for novices who want a go at a very friendly, low-key event. There will be four events, once a month, from May until August making it perfect to monitor your progress.

Where? The duathlon will take part on the purpose made cycle track at the UCLan Sports Arena.  In addition UCLan Sports Arena offer changing facilities and toilets together with a cafe where you can treat yourself to a hot drink and a meal afterwards. There will be Tri Preston Club coaches on hand to help competitors and offer some hints and tips.

When? This year’s events are on Sundays 3rd June, 1st July and 5th August 2018.

The 1-4-1s start at 9:30am with registration from 9:00am and a race briefing at 9:15am.  The 2-8-2s will start around 10.30 with a briefing at 10.15.

Spectators will be able to enter the Sports Arena without charge to watch you participate and cheer you on. There is a large car park near to the cycle track with a few overflow car parks available and there is no charge for parking.

How much? Each race is £10 per person.  If you enter all four events we will give you a free annual membership*. All the more reason to get down to all four races. 🙂

Please ensure your bike is road worthy and helmets are compulsory. Marshals will be on hand to help set up your transition area and rack and check your bike.

Want to know more? If you have any questions please contact us at Info@tripreston.co.uk

3rd June,
1st July and
5th August 2018.
Saturday 8th September 2018

The small print:
 Participating multi-sport events requires fitness and skill. I confirm that I have done sufficient training to ensure that I am fit enough to cope with the demands of this event and that my technical skills are adequate for the diverse requirements of the competition. I accept that taking part in this event is by its nature hazardous and contains certain inherent risks to which I consent. I accept that I owe a significant duty of care to all other competitors, spectators and race officials. I will exercise all reasonable care to avoid causing death, injury or loss to any such persons and will indemnify the event organisers and the British Triathlon Federation from and against any liability found against them arising out of my negligent or reckless acts. I accept that in the event of my requiring medical attention during the event the medical personnel appointed by the race organisers take no responsibility for the treatment provided for any unreported existing condition which increases the risk of a medical emergency. I agree to abide by the rules of the British Triathlon Federation as published on www.britishtriathlon.org I acknowledge the Race Organiser has relied on this statement (in its entirety) in accepting my entry to the event and that if I was unable or unwilling to agree to all of the matters set out above in this statement of responsibility the Race Organiser will not allow me to compete. All statements of fact are true.

*Free membership for new members only.

Welcome to Tri Preston Tri Preston is a growing triathlon club with more than 200 members ranging from those looking for a bit of fun to serious competitors. We have sprinters, Olympic distance, middle distance and Ironman competitors of all ages, as well as those who have just joined to keep fit.…