We want to make it easy for new members to join in.

So, here’s a summary of the things we think you’re likely to want to find out about.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form or the open Facebook page and we’ll be happy to help.

How much does membership cost?

Membership is £45 per person, per year.  For information about all the benefits, please click here.

Do I need to go to a meeting before I join?

No you don’t!  Some people prefer to and some people like to just get stuck into a training session.  You’re welcome to join us at one of the monthly meetings if you like.  See the About Us page for dates.

Do I need to be a member to try a session?

Non-members are welcome to join us for a trial session or two for everything apart from the pool swimming sessions.  This is because our coached swimming sessions tend to be fully subscribed.

Contact us to find out how to join in.

Will I slow people down?

Our sessions are designed to be accessible to athletes of all abilities.  Our cycling is grouped by pace, our faster runners loop back for slower ones… and you can’t get left behind in a 25m pool!

If you’re worried you might be too slow, too old or you have other concerns, come down to watch a session to get a feel for it and have a chat to a coach.

How do I find out what is happening and where?

The day to day detail of the club activities are communicated through our closed Facebook group.  Prospective members can request access for a trial period of two months.

What times are the sessions?

  • Monday evening (8pm) – swim
  • Tuesday evening (7pm) – bike – chain gang
  • Wednesday evening (8pm for pool or earlier for open water) – swim
  • Thursday evening (7pm) – run – loctions vary to include Avenham, the docks, Cuerden, Walton Le Dale, Worden Park and more…
  • Saturday morning (9:30am ish) – bike – rides graded by speed and distance – set off points and destinations vary
  • Sunday morning (10am ish) – run – graded by distance where appropriate – routes vary to include Darwern Tower, Rivington Pike, White Coppice, Guild Wheel and more…

Where do you train?

Pool swimming: Penwortham Priory pool and Total Fitness in Preston.

Open water swimming: Eccleston Delph – sign up for two years membership then it’s £5 per session.

Running: Avenham Park, the docks, Cuerden Park, Walton Le Dale, Worden Park, Darwen Tower, Rivington Pike, White Coppice and The Guild Wheel

Cycling: routes from 20 to 50+ miles tend to stick to quiet roads and lanes where possible.

Do you do swimming for absolute beginners?

Our coached swimming sessions have a minimum expectation that you can swim 400m front crawl non-stop.  You don’t have to be fast, but you do need to be able to do the distance.

We periodically run separate coached swim ourses to get beginners up to this standard.  They’re not timetabled as part of the standard schedule, but if this is of interest, just contact us to let us know and we can let you know when and where.

Do you coach open water swimming?

Open water specific coaching is not specifically on our regular schedule, but it is something we’re looking into.  If you have a requirement, please get in touch.

What kit do I need?

For running and cycling training, you don’t need anything more than you would for your own training.  Helmets are compulsory for the cycling sessions.

For the swimming sessions, it’s helpful if you have fins, pull buoy and float of your own, although we do have a few club ones to share out.  Swim hats are compulsory in the pool sessions.

For racing, you can buy Tri Preston kit from the online store.  Details coming very soon.

What is a brick session?

A brick session is where you do both cycling and running in one session back to back, like you would in a race.  The purpose is to get you used to the “jelly leg” sensation of getting off a bike and trying to run.

We run brick sessions throughout the main event season (May to July) as an alternative to chain-gang or an evening run.

We cycle from the meeting point in a loop, then get off bikes, put on trainers and run another loop, then back on the bike, then back for a run etc.  A club member will be present to keep watch over bikes and other kit.  Feel free to come and watch one in action so you get a feel for it if you don’t want to just jump straight in and give it a go – bike watching volunteers are always appreciated!

What is a chain gang?

Chain gang is great cycle training to improve your speed, fitness and bike handling.

We run them in 3 groups of up to 12 based on athletes’ speed.  Setting off on a fairly straight and flat route, each group rides single file at an agreed pace, close together to maximise the benefit of drafting, and taking it in turns to be the pace maker at the front.

There’s no replacement for experience, so feel free to come to a Tuesday session to give it a go.  Take a look at this link for more information.

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